Hi guys, sorry for the absurdly long wait. If you’re a new reader, I’d like to say that this comic does update slowly, but not normally this slowly!

I had a late start on this page because I took my sweet time in deciding how I wanted to present Rosaline’s flashback. I was originally going to do something simple and cartoony, but alas, once I started looking at pictures of vintage carousel panel art, the temptation to draw fancy borders was too strong.

I underestimated how long it would take me to draw the page the way I imagined it, and I also managed my time poorly in February. In March I got my act together and kept a more productive work and sleep schedule. I intend to keep this work schedule moving forward. I need to end this chapter already.

In February I did finish two other pieces of art while drawing this page. Here are links to all the places they were posted, in case anyone missed them:

Swinson and Rosaline Valentines Day art: view onFacebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or FurAffinity

Fanart for Kaspall: view on the Kaspall website, Twitter, Tumblr, or FurAffinity

Also, since I last updated, Spiderforest welcomed 10 new webcomics into the collective. You can read the news post and see links to all the featured comics here!