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    Pike Swinson aka "Mr. Swinson

    Species: Boar
    Age: 44
    Occupation: Office Worker at Peerless Inc.
    Mr. Swinson is a worhaholic who has refused to take a vacation for the past three years. Out of concern for the boar's wellbeing, Swinson's boss has ordered him to take a paid vacation at the "Nawncentz Inn" boarding house. Swinson, being an ornery and suspicious fellow, suspects that something is up when the other residents all appear to be loony. However, Swinson himself suffers a severe case of "No Fun" syndrome and really does need to loosen up.

    Dr. Roofadoodle Draboosternunny aka "Roofadoodle"

    Species: ?
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Manager of Nawncentz
    Roofadoodle is the well-meaning landlord of Nawncentz. Cheerful and enthusiastic, Roofadoodle can be somewhat overbearing. He has a cruel penchant for messing with his new residents' minds, and although this creature takes his job very seriously, he doesn't take his tenants very seriously. Roofadoodle will often make fun the other residents, despite being the biggest weirdo of them all. He is madly in love with the maid Mathilde.

    Mathilde (pronounced ma-TEELD)

    Species: Hippopotamus
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Live-in Housekeeper of Nawncentz
    Mathilde is a terribly stern and intimidating lady. As the only cook and cleaner of Nawncentz she has to put up with a lot of trouble from the other residents. Despite her imposing stature Mathilde seems to be very fond of children, especially Eustace, and is generally much nicer to those who treat her with respect. This hippo has never been married. She probably won't because she distrusts most men: Roofadoodle doesn't seem to have a chance.


    Species: Koala/Monkey Hybrid
    Age: 8
    Occupation: Elementary School Student
    As the only child living at Nawncentz, Eustace has the weighty task of cheering up all of the grown-ups around him. This boy does not have much of a filter, but his seemingly rude behaviour disguises a sweet disposition. He is exceptionally bright, yet unhealthily competitive at his age. Often determined to prove everyone that he's right about everything.


    Species: Kangaroo
    Age: 42
    Occupation: Dancing Instructor
    Martha is a rather dour kangaroo who appears to have gotten some hard knocks in life. Her snide attitude is somewhat undermined by the fact that she is always seen wearing a tutu around the house. However, Martha is also the most self-aware resident at Nawncentz: she openly acknowledges that people there are a little eccentric. The other residents seem to be slightly afraid of her.

    Monsieur Zimmelman

    Species: Newt
    Age: 34
    Occupation: Currently unemployed
    The Monsieur is probably the most obviously abnormal tenant at Nawncentz. Although at first glance, he looks like your typical Napoleon impersonator, be careful not to call him an impersonator to his face. Monsieur Zimmelman IS the spiritual reincarnation of Bonaparte, and don't you forget it! Although Zimmelman is the most serious and poker-faced resident at Nawncentz, he is good friends with Eustace. The two are often seen playing Super Nintendo together.


    Species: Javelina
    Age: 31
    Occupation: Graduate student
    Despite her age, Rosaline is the most innocent and spirited member of Nawncentz, beside Eustace. She enjoys cooking traditional Mexican dishes and will occasionally be heard to sputter in Spenglish when she is very frustrated. It is hard to get on Rosaline's bad side, but Swinson seems to have done it anyway. However, even the normally cheerful javelina can have her own private moments of melancholy...