Hey everyone! This year I participated in the SpiderForest Secret Santa exchange, where we drew gift art for each other’s comics. Kez, creator of the page-turner post-apocalyptic comic What it Takes, was my secret santa! According to her, Terry Pratchett’s character the Hogfather was the inspiration for this one.

Come to think of it, I’ve never drawn Christmas art for What Nonsense before–so I really enjoyed seeing someone else’s take on that theme.

I was mitsukaiten’s secret santa, so I drew a quiet little comic about Haelu, the protagonist of Arbalest. You can see the comic on my art blog.

…While I’m at it, I’d like to apologize for the unannounced break. If you don’t follow my Twitter, you may have missed the explanation for it. I started getting a long string of headaches when winter hit here in Texas, and decided to just take a break, rather than drag out working on the same page for a really long time.

I’m planning on getting back to comicking in January. This year, I also want to aggressively pursue finding a solution for my chronic migraine, which has plagued this comic’s run since nearly the beginning. I may talk more about this in detail later, but I just wanted to sum it up real quick for those who don’t follow my Twitter.

Anyway! Hope everyone has a great day today, whatever you do or don’t celebrate.