Martha demonstrates her backpedaling technique.

Normally if a page is going to be delayed, I talk more about it, but I was pretty quiet this time. Sorry about that. Earlier this year I found a diet that helped me avoid migraine triggers, but I experienced a setback around late September/October. The short version is that I tried 2 new medications around that time that my body really didn’t like. They both messed my hormones and cycle up, so I had migraines every other day for several weeks. I switched back to my old prescription and I’m finally feeling normal again.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me mention that I was going to try drawing this page digitally. Just wanted to follow up on that: I think it’s possible for me to replicate the same artstyle in Photoshop. So maybe What Nonsense will be 100% digital someday! That would make it easier to collaborate with another artist and crank out pages faster.

So I started sketching the first panel of this page in Photoshop. But when it was time to ink, I realized that even with a line stabilizer, inking with a tablet was going to feel reallllllllly awkward. I would basically have to re-train my hand– which would have made this page take even longer. I got frustrated and decided to restart the page on paper.

After this chapter is over I’m going to take a break, so maybe that would be a good time for me to practice inking on the computer. I’m realizing that there are a lot of things I can do to speed up my art process, but none of them will be easy. Whether I develop a simpler artstyle, or learn how to ink digitally, or do speed drawings every day for practice–it all takes time before I see results. I keep telling myself, “Just finish this chapter in 15 or so pages, then you can focus on these other goals.”

But the pages I’m drawing lately are taking so long, even the end of this scene feels impossibly far away! I’m starting to wonder if I should do something about my slowness -now.- My concern is that it’ll look weird for the art to change suddenly next page, or that if I take time off to re-train myself to draw faster, it’ll push the next update farther out. What do you guys think?

Sorry for venting. It might seem sometimes like I don’t care about this comic anymore, but I actually think about it every day.