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That hiatus went on for longer than I intended. The truth is, I started working on this update back in early March. At that time I was still having migraines once or twice a week, but I was determined to figure out if I had any “food triggers” by changing my diet and seeing what happened.

I tried 3 diets over the course of March and April, but felt about the same. Frustrated, I thought that it was time to go on a stricter diet that cut out multiple kinds of food triggers all at once. After a little research I bought “Heal Your Headache” by David Buchholz. I highly recommend this book to anyone with chronic headaches/migraines because Buchholz does a great job explaining what’s happening in your body during a migraine, what causes them, and the lifestyle changes you need to make to get them under control. I sadly had to quit caffeinated tea for good, and many foods I enjoy….

But the diet works. I no longer have a “background headache” 24/7. I’m not worried about whether the bright lamp I’m drawing under, or the music I’m listening to, will turn that gentle pressure into my next 48-hour migraine. It’s not exactly a cure: I still get a headache warning me that a storm is on the way–but once the storm breaks, the headache lifts. The only real migraines I’m still experiencing are on my uh, “moon-time.” The rest of the time? I feel pretty good.

Migraines are complicated and going onto a diet doesn’t solve them for everyone, but I feel I can recommend the book based on my experience.

Now, as for the page: I’m really happy with how my first double-page spread turned out. But gosh that took forever. I promise that there shouldn’t be any more “tryhard” pages like this in the carnival chapter. So while I still draw really frikken slow, I should be able to keep going until the end of the chapter without taking any more long breaks.