Hey guys! Still chugging along. This page was actually pretty straight-forward, art-wise. I really should have finished it a week ago, but I got thrown off by family stuff (both bad and good).

Speaking of family… I will be traveling to Philadelphia to visit my parents’ new house between the 27th and September 2nd. I won’t be bringing my traditional art supplies for What Nonsense, since it’d be a lot to bring. I’ll try to get a good start on the next page before I go. I do want to bring my laptop and tablet so I can draw digital stuff. There’s this Touhou fanart comic I started months ago that I really need to finish already!

Oh, I’ve also been doing quick figure sketches, to learn to draw faster. I think it’ll be awhile before I see an impact on the way I draw my comic. However, I can tell I’m improving when I compare my first drawings to my newest ones. I seem to be a little more economical with how I place my shapes.

Thanks again for your patience, continuing to check in with my comic, etc!

EDIT– Nearly forgot to add: Spiderforest is open for applications again. There’s only a few days left to apply, so if you’ve been thinking about joining, now’s your chance! More details are here. I’ve been a part of Spiderforest since 2009, and have found the community to be really friendly and helpful.

We have a lot of talented creators here, with a lot of expertise to share–whether you need website help, critiques, advice about Kickstarters, you name it. And our forums are always open for anyone to join, so feel free to sign up and say hi whether you’re applying, or not.