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  • Update (6/30/2019)
    First, a comment about the new page: I'm not sure why I decided to make this a silent page. Just felt right, I guess? Maybe it's because we had a relatively serious moment a page ago.

    It's safe to say that What Nonsense is in a period of Mostly Hiatus. Longtime readers are used to slow updates, but I really could have finished this page much sooner. I'm turning 30 this year, and I need to get more serious about a career in copywriting. Although I still find art relaxing, I also want a regular dayjob. Whenever I sat down to work on this page, I felt guilty because I "should have been doing something more important," such as job search, freelance work, etc.

    I like What Nonsense too much to kill it yet, but I don't see myself working on it full-time for the forseeable future. Perhaps once I'm more settled into my next "dayjob" I can think seriously about how I can possibly finish the comic (it will probably involve hiring other artists to help me!).

    So while I might draw a new page here and there (like this one) I've reached a point where I can't justify the time commitment that cartooning requires. My apologies. If anything changes, I'll let y'all know. And if you see this post, thanks again for checking in with my webcomic!

    P.S. Speaking of writing, I recently sold a fantasy short story to Leading Edge, BYU's magazine for fantasy and science fiction. If you'd like to read it, you can find more information and links to purchase the magazine here!