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    Hey everyone, this comic has been on break for awhile but I haven't abandoned it! I've talked a bit about what's going on on Twitter, but sometimes I forgot that not everyone checks that.

    Basically I got married in late June, and have had a lot on my plate since then. After slowly moving stuff to my new apartment, I went on a honeymoon to London in early August. Since then, I have started the next page of What Nonsense, but it's still in the sketching stage.

    My #1 priority right now is to finish writing thank you notes for all our wedding gifts. It was a big wedding and we received a lot of nice things: we're very lucky! But now it's my responsibility to write 100+ notes and mail them out. :'D And after that it's time to hunt for a full time job, and there's still a possibility that we might move again for my husband's work---AHHHHH. Well, I suppose this is what adulting is like for everyone.

    I'm dying to get back to my old drawing routine though. Once the thank you notes are all accounted for, I'll split my time between What Nonsense and job hunting.

    What Nonsense has been on a major slowdown the past few years, but I know that this break has been unusually long. I appreciate everyone who is still interested in the story and willing to wait for new pages. Knowing that people still care is a big motivator for me--thank you for keeping my weird comic in your thoughts!