“I came out to have a good time and I honestly am feeling so attacked right now” –Swinson

My goal to practice digital drawing on the side while working on this page was mostly a failure :/ I was going to start by drawing Cirno and Daiyousei (from Touhou Project), so I got my Cirno and Daiyousei playlist put together. 92 tracks / 6 and a half hours of music. Sketch for 15 minutes. “Oh, this is looking cute!” The next day I tell myself, “nah, just work on the comic page today, it’s more important.” Abandon the Cirno drawing for 3 weeks. It’s a very classic Caitlin move.

Currently trying to decide if I wanna take February off from the comic and do more practice… It’s lame that I’m like this, but I might need to -force- myself to get more comfortable with drawing digitally.