*nonchalantly sidesteps into the room*

*drops a page on the floor, the first in months*

*awkwardly shuffles away*

….I wasn’t gonna say anything else, but then I remembered, I have lots of SpiderForest news to share.

So first, before that, some news for just my comic. I tried streaming for the first time recently! I had been thinking it might be fun to stream for awhile now. I decided to just go for it last Monday, October 3, and streamed me coloring my comic for 3 hours. I was fully prepared for the possibility that no one would show up, but like, 7 people did? And most of them stayed the whole time? I was like, woah.

So yeah, I plan on streaming some more! Streams will be announced via the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and FurAffinity accounts for What Nonsense. But, if you don’t use those sites, you can also subscribe to my Picarto channel here, and you’ll receive an email whenever I’m streaming. I might stream art unrelated to my comic too, like fanart.


So since I last updated, SpiderForest accepted 13 new members. The new member comics are: Bruno Harm, Chronicles of Oro, Culture Shock, Mailbox Rocketship, Monstrous Mimi, Moon Gone Dark, Seamus and Abbie, Sons of the Forgotten, Storm and Desire, The Tale of Jasper Gold, Vanguard, White Noise, and XII: Of Magic and Muses. You can also read the official news announcement with descriptions of each comic here!

There are also two SF Kickstarters that are running right now. Robin Childs is running a Kickstarter for volume 4 of her wonderful fantasy webcomic LeyLines. I’ve been following this comic since the book 3 KS, and I can say that it’s a very rewarding read. There’s a lot of love and careful thought put into the character relationships (which are super messy :P), character development, and world building. If you’ve never read LeyLines, definitely give it a look.

There’s also a Kickstarter for a SpiderForest coloring book! I’m not in it, because I uh, forgot to check the forums for awhile and missed the window to submit art. BUT some of my favorite artists are featured, and chances are, if you read other SpiderForest comics too, you’ll enjoy the art featured.